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    Mass indexing infinispan only on local node

    Lakshmanan Ramakrishnan Newbie

      Hi All,


      We are using infinispan 6.0,2 in our application. During the initial load of data (we load close to 6-7 GB), we thought we will get better performance if we followed the following steps


      • Get the cache with out indexing (ie getAdvancedCache().withFlags(Flag.SKIP_INDEXING)) and then loading the data with cache.putAll
      • After the data is loaded, to start indexing call 'Search.getSearchManager(cache).getMassIndexer().start();'



      Now the problem that we see is that, the second call starts a map reduce task that runs in all the cache nodes. How do i restrict it to run only in the local node? I don't seem to find a method to do this. Any pointers/help on this will be appricated


      (Also we dont replicate the index across nodes ie index are local only)