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    Don't startup service bindings automatically

    Pavel Kovalenko Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      Excuse me, but it's my third theme about Switchyard ha singleton service . Previous themes are:

      HA singleton service with JPA binding

      Programmatically getting SwitchYardCamelContext or ServiceDomain instances


      Finally, I have implemented ha-singleton service, but there is one problem. Service bindings starts automatically during deployment process and for correct work of ha singleton before all I need stop them and then activate ha singleton service which will manage this bindings remotely (via MBeanServer). In the current situation I need wait for finish of deployment process, stop all bindings on every node in service which I marked as singleton and then start bindings again on one (master) node using ha singleton service.

      Currently I can't do it, because I don't know when deployment process finishes.

      But there is one solution which make my life much easier. E.g. mark service with attribute autoStartup=false or disableAutoStartup=true, and check this option in deployment process before operation handler.start(). But in current version of Switchyard there is no such possibility. I know how to do it and I can do it. But I need make changes in switchyard-core source.

      I want to appeal to community. Can I create issue and then make commit (git pull request)? Or you think this feature is not need and I have to patch Switchyard with my changes with every release?