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    Lineage Feature for enterprise VDB.


      Can Teiid DV provide End to End Lineage throughout multi-level VDB solution?  It has been proposed that we can modularize our Enterprise VDB by referencing other VDBs and would like to know if the Teiid have capability to visualize end to end of Data to Consumed Virtual Database View.


      Below may not be accurate, but something that automates visually the major component points of virtual solution and where they are in the line of dependency .

      -->  data source --> Connection String--> Source Model --> Translator --> Transformation-->View Model --> VDB Views --> VDB --> DV Server ---> Connection string --> Source Model --> Translator -->  Transformation -->View Model --> Enterprise VDB View.  -->  DV Server


      Looking to see if there is a feature that can present this for common tasks like troubleshooting / root cause analysis and auditing for deprecating data structures, or any other type of potential change to Database and VDBs.

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          Currently Designer tool shows the data dependency diagram for any given view, but in imported VDB case, it will not delve anything inside that VDB. Designer can show the affects of the schema change, but we currently do not have any runtime analysis tool that can show the lineage and impact analysis.


          We are planning to build such tool using Artificier If you want to guide us in terms of your requirements, expected features and behavior we will be very interested. Let us know.