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    Customized Renderer is not invoked in Websphere




      We are customizing the richfaces inputNumberSpinner and Calendar components look and feel behaviour. As below.

      • Overridden the InputNumberSpinnerRenderer and CalendarRenderer
      • set the javax.faces.application.ResourceDependencies to our customized Javascripts and Css files
      • Created a faces-config.xml in META-INF folder having below content (also find the same in attached file):




      • Generated a jar from the above source code and bundled with our application (put in WEB-INF/lib)
      • The application is currently using richfaces 4.3.7.Final


      When we pack the WAR file and deploy it in Tomcat, everything is working perfectly.

      But, the same is not working when we deploy it in WebSphere 8.x. The look and feel of both the above components are not as we expecting, it is loading default richfaces renderers only.


      When we checked the loading order of faces-config.xml files in server, richfaces' faces-config.xml is loaded before our customized jar.

      Could anyone please help us resolving this issue. The expectation is: with default namespace (e.g. <rich:calendar>), the customized renderers should be loaded.


      Thank you in advance!!


      Best Regards,