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    How to send a STOMP message from HornetQ server to client ?

    Vladimir Romanovskiy Newbie



      I develop an extension for a legacy system that utilises STOMP protocol. I need to reimplement a server part of the communication.

      As long as HornetQ supports STOMP, I should use it. For now, I realise that HornetQ resends incoming STOMP

      messages into already existing (defined in standalone-full.xml) JMS queue.


      From existing HornetQ documentation it is not clear:

      1) What is going with STOMP messages where the destination frame defines JMS queue that is not known to HornetQ server?

      Are they all go to Dead-Leter-Queue?

      2) JMS communication is a loosely coupled one. How can the server response and send STOMP messages back to the client?

      Is there any internet resources describing possible usage of STOMP with HornetQ?

      Thank you for your help!