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    how to provide ajax support for custom components in Richfaces 4.5.5


      Hi ,


      We were previosuly using richfaces 3.3 and used htmlajax support component to provide ajax capabilities for custom component. Now we have migrated to richfaces 4.5.5


      One of our custom component which extends UIInput component needs ajax support. Previously we add the ajax capabillities using htmlAjaxSupport class. We used setEvent() and setRerender methods()  to add the ajax capabilties. The ajax support component was then added as a facet to the custom component.


      Could some one please help me to add the ajax support for the custom component in richfaces 4.5.5 as the htmlajaxsupport class is not supported anymore. I think we need to use the ajaxhandler class to support ajax operation in richfaces 4.5.5.  I have created an instance of ajaxhandler using the below syntax.


      AjaxHandler ajaxHandler  = new AjaxHandler (BehaviorConfig config);


      But  Im not sure what arguement I need to pass inplace of BehaviorConfig in this scenario. Please help me.