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    On BDD framework integration - easyb / Spock


      Greetings Arquillians!


      I came across discussion about Spock and easyb integration on the irc log from #jbosstesting. I know that there is a github repo with initial integration with Spock. I'm keen to contribute, even though I'm still learning both Spock (came from easyb world) and Arquillian extension model [which is really cool btw!]. If you need help just let me know what needs to be done and maybe I will be able to contribute.


      On the other hand I find easyb a little bit nicer when it comes to functional testing (i.e. having @Drone powered easyb tests could be extremely exciting!). Have you tried to play with easyb as well? Do you think there are some obstacles / limitations or should it be doable in similar manner to  Spock?


      What is interesting about easyb is that you can intercept any step in the scenario invocation (given/when/then). From what I learned while reading Spock code is that you can hook your logic around Feature but not around particular blocks (expect/when/then etc).