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    Newbie stupid question: where can I find source code of JBoss AS 7.5?


      Hi all,

      I understand that my question is really stupid.  Please accept my apologies.

      I want to find the source code of the latest version of JBoss AS (should be 7.5?).  Can anyone offer me a helping hand on this?  From jboss.org or redhat.com, I can only find source code of JBoss EAP, not JBoss AS.  I can also find the source code for Wildfly, but Wildfly is not what I want.

      What I want to do is to get the whole set of source code of JBoss AS 7.5 so as to compile the binaries of the JBoss AS (which is functionally comparable to that of JBoss EAP) that can be deployed in production environment.

      Thanks a lot.