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    Modular Embeddable EJB3 Server

    Arthur Troyer Newbie

      I am trying to develop a standalone application and use Hibernate.  The "Hibernate In Action" book indicates there is a "Modular Embeddable Server" to serve as an EJB3 server for my non-web application.  Is that still available?  And, if so, were can I download it.



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          Arthur Troyer Newbie

          OK.  I found this answer myself.  This does still exist and can be found and http://ejb3.jboss.org


          Do not take the plugin.  This is for JBoss AS.  Scroll down to the old versions of EJB3 to find the embedded versions.  These are not the latest and greatest, since it appears to have been abandoned.  There appears to be a new project to provide an embedded EJB 3.1 container, but it uses a completely different method of operation.  I also noticed that just today they posted a new spec for an embedded EJB 3.2 container.