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    CMP Primary key for created instance is null

    Pesoy Misak Newbie


      I am very new with JBOSS CMP. I am trying to create a test CMP for one of my projects and it throwing this error

      Here is the details

      I have a 1:N relationship eg Employee -> skills

      it's a bidirectional relationship

      Now within the skillbean i am trying to create skill in ejbCreate() and then establish the link within ejbPostCreate()

      the creation throw an error, said that the "employee_id cannot be null"

      now i look up on the wiki, and i made some modification like INSERTs after ejbPostCreate like stated on the wiki

      then it throws me an error, said that "Primary key for created instance is null"

      Could anyone please give a suggestion about this problem, i have been googling around but there is no answer regarding this matter