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    Client connections to clusters with message grouping

    Andrew Henderson Newbie



      I have a question about the consumption of grouped messages from a cluster.  We have a cluster of HornetQ nodes and we require the consumer to connect to the cluster and retrieve all messages that match the consumers filter.   The consumer will repeatedly disconnect and reconnect and could connect to any node in the cluster.


      The messages must be ordered and we have used grouping to ensure all messages arrive at the same node in order.  If the first message arrives at node 1 all messages will be grouped there and if we connect to that node we will receive all messages. However we could connect to the 2nd node at  another point at time, if we do connect to the second node we will not see any messages as they are on node 1.


      My question is can HornetQ return the grouped messages regardless of the node the client connects to or does the client need to make a connection to all nodes and check the queue on every node until it discovers messages.  Reading through the documentation and forums, I believe the later is true and we will have to check every queue.  Could you confirm if this is correct.


      We are using JMS with HornetQ and used the hornetq-jms-clustered-grouping-example to test the consumer behaviour..


      Many thanks