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    JBoss EAP 6.4 Architecture Questions

    Chad Wilson Newbie

      First off, I am a Systems Engineer, not a Middle-ware Engineer, so please excuse my complete ignorance of JBoss.


      We have a goal to deploy several applications per-customer, several customers per-server, and several servers clustered.

      The current test server appears to be configured to deploy apps in the following path:





      That would be a single 'customer' per-server scenario.


      I am being requested to create the following directory structure for the scenario of multiple customers per-server.





      I am being told that the different customers can not share the binaries or libraries, meaning each customer would have to have a monolithic JBoss install of all binaires, libs, etc. Please tell me that this is not true.



      • Multiple customers per server (server being the OS, not the app)
      • Multiple applications per customer



      • How would you architect that out the single customer scenario to meet the goals?
      • Is that even the proper way to do a single customer that would be clustered on 2 or 3 servers?
      • Brief description and synopsis for standalone vs domains?


      Thanks in advance.