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    Clustered JMS Question


      I have a JMS message queue clustered on 4 servers.

      I have a message generator on one server that produces 1000 messages.

      The messages get distributed equally among the 4 server message queues.


      The 4 clustered servers takes 3 minutes to process the 1000 messages.


      I remove 3 servers from the cluster and run the 1000 message test again.


      Having only 1 clustered still takes 3 minutes to process the 1000 messages.

      Can any of the JMS experts have any idea what I might be missing?


      Is it wrong for me to think the processing of the JMS messages among multiple

      servers to be linear?


      For example if one server processed 1000 messages in 3 minutes I would have

      expected that 3 clustered servers would process the 1000 JMS messages in

      1 minute.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.