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    a4j:form replacement in richfaces 4.7.3

    Krithika Raghunath Newbie



      In my xhtml, I have a4j:form which contains a4j:commandLink and a4j:commandButton of type="submit". When there is some changes done on the page and any of the commandLinks are clicked, the onsubmit attribute of a4j:form invokes a script function (A browser popup is used). Based on the output provided on this popup, the changes are either retained or discarded.


      Now I have upgraded richfaces to version 4.7.3. In this a4j:form is removed and the replacement mentioned for this is h:form. Along with this change, the links and buttons have to be changed to h:commandLinks and h:commandButtons. With these changes I am able to invoke the onsubmit action. But the problem that I am facing is that the a4j:status of the commandLinks and commandButtons are not working anymore.


      Is there any way for me to retain the a4j commandLink and commandButton along with h:form and produce the desired functionality? I need this to invoke the onsubmit function as well as the a4j:status actions.


      Any help is highly appreciated!


      Best Regards!