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    How to fallback to Basic Authentication from SPNEGO Jboss Authentication in Jboss 6.0.0.final ?


      Hello All, I need urgent help.


      I have implemented SSO on Jboss 6.0.0.final using Jboss SPNEGO authentication. Authentication is done through Active Directory Server . So in my intranet when I login into machine using username, password and Domain(say XYZ) for which SSO is configured, It works fine. i.e when user login into machine and validated against active directory server, user do not need to provide username and password to access the application deployed on SSO enabled Jboss server. I have set authentication method as SPNEGO in deployed application's web.xml.


      My problem is that when user tries to access application from the domain(say ABC which is not configured in SSO) at that time authentication fails.


      So, Is there any way to fallback to basic authentication from SPNEGO authentication incase when SPNEGO authentication fails ?.


      Please do needful to resolve my problem. I stuck at this issue since last 15 days.


      Thanks in Advance.