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    How cluster (server group) isolation in Wildfly 9 could be done?


      We are developing a system consisting of a number of packages. Each of them is operated within a different server group, however they together form the same cluster (we are using TCP stack with TCPPING discovery - the only possible way for us now).

      This configuration has however serious problems, long delays, timeouts, strange errors, like:

      WFLYCTL0348: Timeout after [300] seconds waiting for service container stability. Operation wil

      l roll back.

      ISPN000329: Unable to read rebalancing status from coordinator


      It seems that it helps us when the individual server groups are isolated (e.g. when we switch off the other server groups). This also makes sense - using TCP, every packet needs to be sent several times - for each virtual server in cluster separately.

      Unfortunately, I don't know how to efficiently separate the particular server groups. Thanks for help.