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    Attempting to get Wildfly 9.0 and Apache 2.4 cluster working on Ubuntu 14.04

    robbob22 Newbie

      I am attempting to get Wildfly clustering working with Apache 2.4 on a VM built by Vagrant running Ubuntu 14.04, with both Apache and Wildfly running on the same instance (vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64/  I've been combing through newsgroups the last few days and have only been able to get clustering partially working.  I am able to run my app in Wildfly and directly access it using the wildfly IP/Port.  I've also been able to access the mod_cluster_manager page in Apache, and it is displaying my Wildfly node and also shows the one webapp that is installed which is /HelloWorldWeb-1.1.13, however when I attempt to access this app via Apache, it returns a 503 error (service unavailable).  There are a number of errors in the Apache error log related to ajp workers:


      The last line is particularly interesting,saying its attempting to connect port 29811 of the host its running on, but I haven't been able to find a reference to port 29811 in any of the Apache or Wildfly config files.



      [Mon Sep 14 23:39:36.422096 2015] [proxy:debug] [pid 18145:tid 139653948634

      880] proxy_util.c(2020): AH00942: ajp: has acquired connection for (vagrant


      [Mon Sep 14 23:39:36.422107 2015] [proxy:debug] [pid 18145:tid 139653948634

      880] proxy_util.c(2072): [client] AH00944: connecting ajp:/

      /vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:29811/ to vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:29811

      [Mon Sep 14 23:39:36.422297 2015] [proxy:debug] [pid 18145:tid 139653948634

      880] proxy_util.c(2206): [client] AH00947: connected / to v


      [Mon Sep 14 23:39:36.422374 2015] [proxy:error] [pid 18145:tid 139653948634

      880] (111)Connection refused: AH00957: ajp: attempt to connect to

      :29811 (vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64) failed

      I've attached the following files:

      -Apache config

      -Apache proxy_cluster.conf file

      -Apache wildfly-site.conf file for this site.

      -Apache error.log

      -Wildfly standalone-ha.xml config file

      -Wildfly server.log file.


      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!