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    How one can map many-to-many relationship with PicketLink(LDAP)

    Stepan Severin Newbie

      How one can configure PicketLink (LDAP) to create some baisc many-to-many relationship?


      User 0<-->* Role 0<-->* Permission

      So User can have multiple Role and Role can have multiple permissions.


      In PicketLink I can create some Role and add there some users(even custom classes):






      But how can I add some Permission to the same Role or another way to create this many to many realtionship in LDAP\PicketLink?

      So my Role will looks like this or similar:



      memberPermission: permission1


      I found some information:


      "The LDAP configuration supports the mapping of simple hierarchies (parent/child) of a single type."

      Is it so that LDAP can't do this?


      I also tryed to create some custom membership class for some custom mapping:





           .attribute("name", CN, true)

           .readOnlyAttribute("createdDate", CREATE_TIMESTAMP)




        //configure which identity type is the owner of a relationship


        .attribute("member", "member")

        .attribute("memberPermission", "memberPermission")


      But at run time I got some error and couldn't add this to my relationshipmanager.


      Have anyone seen good example of doing some many to many relationship in LDAP/PicketLink?

      Or may be have some solution to similar problem?