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    CLI command parameters


      I tend to use the command line interface (CLI) for forge because I can create executable scripts for commonly used tasks.

      However, often the script I used in the past fails because the current forge version no longer uses a particular parameter / argument or a new parameter / argument is now required.


      For example, a recent script failed to execute a scaffold-generate command and the only workable response was CTRL+C

      [persistence.xml]$ scaffold-generate --provider Faces --overwrite --targets ca.gerrymatte.admin.people.domain.*;

      ***INFO*** Required inputs not satisfied, entering interactive mode


      [0] ( ) ca.gerrymatte.admin.people.model.People

      [1] ( ) ca.gerrymatte.admin.people.model.Roles


      Press <ENTER> to confirm, or <CTRL>+C to cancel.

      * Targets (The JPA entities to use as the basis for generating the scaffold.): [0-1] ***ERROR*** Error while executing 'run'

      ***INFO*** (type "export VERBOSE=true" to enable stack traces)

      ***ERROR*** org.jboss.forge.furnace.exception.ContainerException: Command [scaffold-generate --provider Faces --overwrite --targets ca.gerrymatte.admin.people.domain.*;

      ] did not respond.


      I believe there is a way to see the list of arguments for a CLI command but I can not find it described in any of the forge documentation.


      Can anyone tell me how to lookup the CLI command properties/arguments ?