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    JACORB under JBOSS 6.3 => org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: No factory found for: IDL:

    Sophia L. Newbie

      Hi community,


      I have an client Corba/Jacorb under JBOSS 6.3. I say CLIENT, so embeded into a webapp that calls a CORBA server.

      Server is running on another computer.


      When a client call is made (from my JBOSS webapp), Corba server receives the call, with the correct parameters (an integer list in my case), processes and returns what's expected.

      But, from the java Client side, I have a "InvocationTargetException" exception with, in the target cause:

      org.omg.CORBA.MARSHAL: No factory found for: IDL:[MyBusinessClass]:1.0


      ==> But, factories/helper/implem are in the classpath (as an external jar built by idl maven plugin using Jacorb idl2java).


      ==> What are the (naming, ...) conventions used by Jacorb (under jboss) to locate this factory? Would it be a classpath issue by the fact I'm in webapp?


      Thanx for you help