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    Persisting into database and elasticsearch simultaneously




      we are storing units into DB (with settings ActivityStore.class=org.overlord.rtgov.activity.store.jpa.JPAActivityStore) and we dont see any records in elasticsearch storage. Is it possible to store records into DB and also Elasticsearch? Or any idea what can be wrong?

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          When you say you don't see any records, do you mean the ActivityUnit documents? or anything at all?


          If you have deployed the default EPN, then this will store ResponseTime information into Elasticsearch: https://github.com/Governance/rtgov/blob/master/content/epn-jee/src/main/resources/epn.json#L57-L68


          If response time is stored, and you want the ActivityUnits also stored, then best approach would be to create another EPN that subscribes to the "ActivityUnits" subject and then do the same as the EPN node above, but for storing ActivityUnit documents instead of ResponseTime.

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            Hi Gary, I'm Pavel's collegue - so, just a followup:


            We don't anything at all if we have configured the ActivityServer to store the ActivityUnits to Oracle DB - which of course makes sense, RTGOV is producing the data to only 1 data target.


            The question is, if it's possible to configure ActivityServer to produce the data to both Oracle DB and ElasticSearch,

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              Just to be clear - in the "out of the box" configuration, activity units and response time information is stored in Elasticsearch. Have you used this default configuration? Did you see activity being reported in the RTGov UI (Kibana dashboard)?


              Setting the ActivityStore.class property just changes where the activity units are stored, the response time info should still be stored in Elasticsearch - and displayed on the Kibana dashboard.


              If this is not happening, then can you install the default configuration and confirm you see the activity in Kibana. And then list the steps you take to change the configuration, before you don't see any activity in Kibana.