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    WildFly 8.1: no log output for "import.sql"




      just a minor issue: it seems that WildFly 8.1 does not log any output when a file "import.sql" is processed.


      In JBoss 5, there was this output:


      22:54:52,371 INFO  [SchemaExport] Running hbm2ddl schema export

      22:54:52,371 INFO  [SchemaExport] exporting generated schema to database

      22:54:52,371 INFO  [SchemaExport] Executing import script: /import.sql

      22:54:52,371 INFO  [SchemaExport] schema export complete


      This one line "Executing import script..." is quite helpful, because it is the only hint that the file was placed in the correct location and that it is processed at all ;-)


      Hope that you can re-add this message