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    Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter

    Mickey Schtrauss Newbie



      I have deployed it, it has established connectivity successfully, but I am unable to run a simple JSP app on it.


      Context ctx;

      TuxedoConnectionFactory tcf;


      ctx = new InitialContext();

      tcf =

        (TuxedoConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("eis/TuxedoConnectionFactory");


      Caused by: TPENOENT(6):0:0:TPED_MINVAL(0):QMNONE(0):0:Could not get TuxedoConnectionFactory : java.lang.ClassCastException: com.oracle.tuxedo.adapter.cci.TuxedoConnectionFactory cannot be cast to com.oracle.tuxedo.adapter.cci.TuxedoConnectionFactory


      I will need that object to later use com.oracle.tuxedo.adapter.cci.TuxedoInteraction, which has tpcall method.


      Has anyone implemented this successfully on wildfly-9.0.2.Final ?


      Thanks in advance.