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    JBPM6 Using JSP for Human Task Forms

    Tony Cattlin Newbie



      I was wondering the best way of launching a JSP as a result of a human task being claimed in JBPM6, via the jbpm-console.


      My situation is as follows:

      - We have an existing application in Oracle BPM and are porting to JBPM

      - The front end is currently written using JSPs

      - Converting the JSPs to remove Oracle (Fuego) tags is in progress

      - We want the quickest way of giving the user the same experience as they currently have, but with the Process Management Engine being JBPM

      - Future phases may involve more strategic tech but for now we were hoping this was our quickest option and are looking for guidance

      - The JSPs are quite hefty so would likely require a new browser window


      Any help would be very much appreciated