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    Involving an external person from the customer

    Jeroen Koek Newbie



      I'm investigating the possible use of JBPM.


      One of the requirements is that persons from our customers are involved in the workflow; persons from different customers have the same role only have limited access to the tasks. They can enter and/or approve orders that are related to the company they work for.

      This means generic roles don't work (e.g. approver). I need to have some field in the workflow that identifies the customer and based on that I need to assign it to the right group/person.

      The assignment of the task is dynamic; before entering a human task state I need to revalidate if the person/group is still the right one to perform this action.

      I need some kind of sharding/multi tenant solution to ensure that the tasks are only visible for personal of that customer. Even within my company we have specific customer supporting groups.

      I have my thoughts;

      a. use group names that related to the customer (APPROVER_CUSTOMER_123),

      b. use before every task a script task for the assignment; a lot of extra nodes will popup; no clean workflow,

      c. use task listeners/command interceptors.

      Question; what will be a good solution for solving (to me) common problem?