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    Wildfly as Windows Service - stopping problem

    mashrur mia Newbie

      Hi all,


      Just to let you know, I have gone through this


      Re: WildFly 8 service does not stop on Windows 2012 R2 core


      and still having problems with installing Wildfly as a Windows Service.


      I am using <installtion_dir>/bin/service/service.bat to install the service. When I used


      service.bat install /user <my_user_name> /password <my_password>


      the service gets installed and I can start it but I cannot stop the service from the Windows "Services" program. It times out. Sometimes using the


      service.bat start

      service.bat stop


      command line works, although I found it occasionally blocks.


      When it blocks/times out, I had to use Process Explorer to kill the wildfly-services.exe process.


      Now according to the post above, using /user and /password flag would install the service with "Log On As" as the user name (or something other than "Local System"), but that does not happen. It always install the service as "Local System". According to the notes on service.bat, user and password is used for shutdown purposes. Either way, stopping the service fails.


      BTW, I am using the X86-32bit version.


      When installing the service without /user and /password does  seem to work - as in start and stop via "Services" program works.


      Any help how I can install the service with a different "Log On As" and make it work?