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    Arquillian Drone - changing / influencing the lifecycle




      I am trying to port a suite of about 500 Selenium Java tests to Arquillian Graphen / Drone, as the framework that we used before (Atlassian Selenium) did not get maintenance or development for a long time and we can barely run the tests using ancient browser versions cause of the old Selenium version that can't be swapped easily.

      We ran the browsers as part of the test, i.e. started them with new WebDriver() - not on a server / node. This was done using the old framework.

      We had a nice lifecycle set up, hacking into the old framework, and it worked well for us. The lifecylce was that a test process (driven via Java / JUnit / Maven FailSafe) started a single Browser and used that instance as long as the tests were successful (cleaning the state after every test, so we locked in anew in most tests) and as long as no Alert or secondary window was present after a test had finished. If any of the afore mentioned condition was not met, we considered the browser as dirty and killed, starting the next test with a new instance. This saved huge amounts of time.


      Now my question: Is it possible to change / integrate with Arquilian Drone to achieve the same behaviour again?


      Secondary question: Do you have other recommendations or suggest a different approach?


      Thanks in advance and cheers, Christoffer