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    Is RHQ nearing end of life?


      Dear RHQ community,

      I was wondering if RHQ ist still actively developed or have developer resources moved over to Hawkular?


      On the Hawkular site (Hawkular - User Guide) it states that "Hawkular is a project that started around the end of 2014 and successor of the RHQ Project."


      Can someone please clarify?

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          As far as i know, there will be no new development in RHQ.   Instead the efforts will be mostly on the "Hawkular" which will replace the RHQ with much more enhanced features in it.

          Yes, It is a successor of the RHQ Project and of its supported solution JON. Hawkular is gaining relevance as it's already adopted by several middleware projects.



          Jay SenSharma