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    When data/content folder is emptied?


      When I deploy my jars and wars, I can see in the logs file that they are placed in data/content folder. Also an entry in the standalone.xml is added for each deployment.

      The problem is that somehow that folder gets empty and the next time I start the server it throws an error because it can't find the files.

      I have to manually edit the standalone.xml to remove the deployments but why in the first place the files are removed? How can I avoid this problem?


      I am using ubuntu and jboss eap 6.4


      Thanks for your help

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          The data/content folder is an internal folder to store the managed deployments.

          JBoss will not delete this folder unless you use the management to undeploy it.

          So I suppose there is some kind of external process which delete this folder for some reason.

          You need to fix that! There is no way to fix tat automatically. You might use the admin-only mode during startup to manual fix this via CLI.

          But as I mentioned before the fix is to not delete the data folder, or maybe only data/tmp.

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            I can see this in the logs:


            00:32:16,597 INFO  [org.jboss.as.repository] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 51) JBAS014903: Content /opt/jboss-eap-6.4/standalone/data/content/3a/e0cff91d7f40d5b4c7cefbbd1eab34025bdc15 is obsolete and will be removed


            I can't find any documentation about what obsolete means, do you know what it is or when can I investigate?


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              From what I understand your server configuration does not have a reference to the deployed content with the e0cff91 SHA1 and therefore the file will be removed.

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                I have the same problem with EAP 6.4, misteriously. Whe deploy war, and after a time (hours, a day) the

                content data for the war is deleted !!!! We use a domain not standalone.


                Anybody Knows what's happening ??


                Thanks in advance

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                  There is a deployment cleanup task for HostController process. This task checks for deployments which are not _accessed_ from the content repository for 5minutes. If so it deletes the content from the content repository. For some reason, this cleanup interval is not made configurable.


                  wildfly-core/ContentCleanerService.java at master · wildfly/wildfly-core · GitHub


                  Hope that helps.