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    Synchronize VDB to Updated JDBC Source Model




      We have requirements to publish and review source code and DML changes in our production process.


      I am wondering how, after DML changes are made, can we synchronize the JDBC Model Source, especially since it is necessary to make many adjustments/fix-ups such as marking procedures as functions, correcting parameter names etc. ?


      I thought, well, we could diff the XMI files, but since just about everything has a UUID I'm not sure this works. I thought about XML transformations that would keep the UUID's and fold in the other changes, which would create files who's diff is specific, but that seems like a complex piece to add.


      The VDB designer lets you sync to a changed source model, but I don't see a way to sync the source model to the source.  If the source could be imported without the adjustments we have to make, that would be one thing, but its not the case presently.



      Hank Ratzesberger