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    Is JBoss caching a get request/response ?

    mikeintn Newbie

      Hello forum

      We have a Java app running on our JBoss server. The app has creates a  HTTPS get request that is sent to a remote server. The response we get is supposed to have changed but we keep seeing the same response. Can JBOSS be caching our get request/response and returning old data to the app ? The people at the remote server say they are not seeing a new request coming in.  Where would the cache be and how can we turn off caching for these get requests ?

      This is JBoss 7.1.1 running on a Linux server.


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          smith john Newbie

          The basically check for the prescience of Cache-Control header and if present remove the existing one and add one of your own. Please dont forget the @Provider annotation which is needed by the jax rs runtime to discover your custom filter.Note that with this filter all requests to your webapp will be intercepted. If you want a certain resource or a resource method to be intercepted .


          Let me know if that works.