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    Infinispan cost in production



      We want to go on production with infinpan

      do you know if infinispan has any cost for production licenses? if yes, how can i get more information about it?

      We are using infinispan 6.0.0 that is supported by jboss-as-7.1.2.


      best regards

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          Infinispan, like all JBoss projects, is pure open-source (Apache License 2.0) with no double licensing for commercial purposes. This means you can use it for free (and Free) in all your environments. In this case, you get community support, i.e. ask questions here, or on IRC and we'll do our best to provide an answer. Bear in mind that Infinispan 6.0 (and JBoss AS 7.1) are quite old and we don't maintain them anymore. You should move to WildFly 10 and Infinispan 8.2.

          If you need commercial support, Red Hat sells subscriptions for JBoss Data Grid (the product based on Infinispan) and JBoss EAP (the product based on WildFly).