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    Wildfly 10 Final - Replace Disabled Deployment Problem


      Hi everyone! I don't know if its a default behavior, but looks like a bug. If i replace a disabled war deployment, all my subsystem got deleted! My luck is that wildfly itself has that saving standalone.xml history mechanism.


      We are already using Wildfly 10 final in a small production environment in my job, my friend told me that the management console was acting weird, testing in my aws server as well, i replaced a disabled deployment and then... Bum! All subsystems deleted!


      Questioning myself about my job's problem, when i take a look ate the management console... Bum! All subsystems deleted too! So i think it's a real problem... Or maybe a behavior that i don't understand.


      Some detais...


      Job's enviroment

      Cent Os 7

      JDK 8_71

      Wildfly 10.0.0 Final Standalone mode


      My AWS Server environment

      Ubuntu 14 LTS

      JDK 8_11

      Wildfly 10.0.0 Final Standalone mode


      Thanks in advance.