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    jBPM 6.3


      I have a parent process which has two child processes.


      The parent will create the child processes during the startup and the child will be waiting for some events to happen.

      Based on the events the child will continue.


      When the activity2 is triggered I want to swap sub process1 of the current process with the sub process1 another running process (with the states).


      Is this possible with jBPM 6.3?

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          As per my understanding you want to change subprocess called from subprocess-1/2  node at runtime after activation of node "activity2" , correct ?

          If my understanding is correct then its not possible

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            Abhijit, Thanks for the reply.


            It is not to swap between sub process 1 and 2, I want to swap between sub process 1 of one running parent process with sub process 1 of another parent process.


            As a workaround, I am aborting the sub process 1 of parent 1 and recreating the sub process in the parent 2.