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    Customization of SSO in Jboss 6.4 EAP using PicketLink


      We are currently using Jboss 4.3 and we use Josso 1.7 for the single sign on (SSO). Currently our SSO is very much customized with our own tables created for Audit trail and reporting purpose.


      In Jboss 6.4, RedHat don't have official support for Josso and hence RedHat suggestion is to use inbuilt SSO products such as PicketLink. I have gone through the below documentation regarding picket link. Understand that it only allows the Basic Entity Model with a fixed set of tables. We can't create custom tables with our own Entity relationship and objects.


      PicketLink Reference Documentation



      I just wanted to double confirm whether my understanding is correct and is there a way we can extend the Picketlink to do customization on top of it ? Kindly advise.