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    storeAsBinary() makes DeltaAware ineffective?


      This is a question to the devs...


      So I got lured by the appeal of DeltaAware So I happily started implementing it in the objects we are storing in the cache. It's actually essential that changes to these objects are replicated as deltas, because it makes them immune to reordering and concurrent updates. Then, because these objects were a little large, I enabled storeAsBinary. And then - it all broke down As it turns out, with storeAsBinary the values (and/or keys) are stored in the cache as MarshalledValue; but the DeltaAware is only used when the value is being marshaled for replication - and MarshalledValue does not (obviously) implement DeltaAware. Thus the values in the cache are always replicated whole.


      So my question is: is this inherent to storeAsBinary? Can something be done with this so that deltas are also sent when the objects are stored in marshalled form?



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