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      We currently have the following Scheduler set


      <mbean code="org.jboss.varia.scheduler.Scheduler"


          <attribute name="StartAtStartup">true</attribute>

          <attribute name="SchedulableClass">xxx.server.xxxScheduler</attribute>

          <attribute name="SchedulableArguments">xxx.server.Evaluation,60000</attribute>

          <attribute name="SchedulableArgumentTypes">java.lang.String,int</attribute>

           <attribute name="DateFormat">MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm</attribute>

          <attribute name="InitialStartDate">02/25/2014 01:06</attribute>

          <attribute name="SchedulePeriod">86400000</attribute>

          <attribute name="InitialRepetitions">-1</attribute>


      The scheduled task takes about 30 mins to complete. We are now finding that rather than staring at 01:06 each day, the start time advances each day by the length of time it take to carry out the task.


      Day 1 - 01:06

      Day 2 - 01:36

      Day 3 - 02:06

      Day 4 - 02:36


      This carries on until a Jboss restart, then the cycle starts again at Day 1.


      Any Thoughts on how to resolve this?