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    Apache virtual hosts values are not collected


      Hello Team,
                    We are using JON 3.0 to monitor EAP and the plugin used here is  rhq-apache-plugin-4.12.0.JON330GA.jar , apache virtual hosts are discovered by JON but none of the values are collected.

      Please guide on this

      While checking agent logs found the below message


      2016-08-04 17:21:22,036 DEBUG [ResourceContainer.invoker.daemon-6372] (rhq.plugins.www.snmp.SNMPSession_v2c)- Timed out after 4000 while pinging 1 agent at

      2016-08-04 17:21:22,036 DEBUG [ResourceContainer.invoker.daemon-6372] (org.rhq.plugins.apache.ApacheVirtualHostServiceComponent)- SNMP metrics collection unsupported for VirtualHost: primaryIndex[4], session[], ping[false]