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      • 15. Re: Undertow encoding problem

        In that case I'm a bit confused what could be the cause


        1. Same browser

        2. Same Windows server host

        3. Same JDK for server

        4. Same DB/schema

        5. Same DB drivers/module

        6. Same APEX.war

        7. Different AS server version

        • 16. Re: Undertow encoding problem

          Did you check the URIEncoding?

          But to prevent IDN Spoofing the browser should encode the special characters in the URLs. So I guess the behaviour in my environment is correct.

          Which browser are you using? Maybe you check the related parameters.

          I understand there had been an issue in Internet Explorer 7 that the 'Turn off sending URLs as UTF-8' setting was behaving in the opposite manner as described (Article ID: 925261).

          Maybe the correction to this bug had been applied in between. So if you are using IE I would suggest to check this setting.

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