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    What to consider to tune modcluster configuration in wildfly10




      I was able to configure wildfly 10 modcluster to work with Apache mod_cluster (1.3.1). However, when I was doing a load test, I found out that the test through web server eventually caused error in wildfly instance and I also saw error log in Apache web server


      The obvious error in wildfly instance is the so-called "java.net.SocketException: Too many files open". When I use the command lsop -u   | grep TCP | wc -l, I can see the number grew steadily until the wildfly instance reported the error. This was when I sent requests through web server.


      However, when I sent the requests through wildfly instance (app server) directly, the number did not grow, and the app server can take a lot heavier load without this issue.


      I guess some configuration on modcluster (wildfly) needs to be tuned? What are some common recommendations on tune modcluster on wildfly configuration (standalone-full-ha.xml)?