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    Memory & thread leak when application undeployed?

    William Darby Newbie

      In migrating from JBoss AS 7.1 to Wildfly 10.0 I discovered that my application classes are not being unloaded when the application is unloaded, and therefore any objects referenced by static members are not garbage collected. Using an hprof analysis I determined this is because the threads named "default-threads - #" do not release their contextClassLoader, and thus the classes are not garbage collected.

      In addition, every time I deploy the application 4 new "default-threads - #" threads are started. So it appears both memory and threads are being leaked when applications are unloaded.

      Is there any way to tune the "default-threads- #" pool (I can't tell what subsystem starts them).

      Does this appear to be a bug that should be reported?