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    Switchyard 2.1.0.Final on WildFly 10.1.0.Final


      After downloadin last release of Switchyard and WildFly and starting Wildfly with a simple process example I see the following error in the server.log file

      I've tryed with H2 and EXTERNAL DB (MySQL) with same/identical result


      someone has successefully deployed simple Swytchyard process with this configuration ?


      2016-09-07 17:00:08,559 WARN  [org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper] (ProcessStoreImpl-1) SQL Error: 42122, SQLState: 42S22

      2016-09-07 17:00:08,563 ERROR [org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper] (ProcessStoreImpl-1) Column "PROPERTIE2_.PROCESSCONFDAOIMPL_PID" not found; SQL statement:

      select deployment0_.NAME as NAME1_17_0_, deployment0_.DEPLOYDT as DEPLOYDT2_17_0_, deployment0_.DEPLOYER as DEPLOYER3_17_0_, deployment0_.DIR as DIR4_17_0_, processes1_.DU as DU5_19_1_, processes1_.PID as PID1_19_1_, processes1_.PID as PID1_19_2_, processes1_.DU as DU5_19_2_, processes1_.STATE as STATE2_19_2_, processes1_.TYPE as TYPE3_19_2_, processes1_.VERSION as VERSION4_19_2_, propertie2_.ProcessConfDaoImpl_PID as ProcessC1_18_3_, processcon3_.ID as STORE_PR2_18_3_, (select a12.PROP_KEY from STORE_PROCESS_PROP a12 where a12.ID=propertie2_.STORE_PROPERTY_ID) as formula1_3_, processcon3_.ID as ID1_20_4_, processcon3_.PROP_KEY as PROP_KEY2_20_4_, processcon3_.PROP_VAL as PROP_VAL3_20_4_ from STORE_DU deployment0_ left outer join STORE_PROCESS processes1_ on deployment0_.NAME=processes1_.DU left outer join STORE_PROC_TO_PROP propertie2_ on processes1_.PID=propertie2_.ProcessConfDaoImpl_PID left outer join STORE_PROCESS_PROP processcon3_ on propertie2_.STORE_PROPERTY_ID=processcon3_.ID where deployment0_.NAME=? [42122-173]