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    Wildfly 10.1.0.Final processes servlet requests sequentially in secure context

    ra_xcli Newbie

      Hello fellow Wildfly users,


      I already postet this last week, but wasn't able to reproduce it, so I deleted it, but now I have more info:


      Undertow queues requests to servlets that come from the same session and only handles one at a time.

      This only happens when security is configured in web.xml, e.g.:











      - Create a servlet that logs a timestamp upon entry, sleeps 10 seconds, logs a timestamp upon exit and serves some arbitrary text.

      - Open 2 tabs in your browser pointing to the servlet and call it in each tab. Repeat this step once you saw the results (this is important).

      - Without the security config mentioned above, the requests are processed in parallel.

      - With the security config enabled, the requests are processed sequentially !


      I assume this is a bug in Wildfly and happens somewhere in / after ServletRequestContextThreadSetupAction.


      Is there a config option somewhere to fix / workaround this ?

      Is this the proper way to submit bug reports (I assume not ;-)


      Any suggestions are appreciated.