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    Generate entities error:  At least one database table must be specified




      I am fairly new to JBoss Forge and tried to generate entities from a Microsoft SQL Server database and I always get an “***ERROR*** At least one database table must be specified” Error.

      My command is:

      jpa-generate-entities-from-tables --driver-location C:\Users\myUser\Downloads\jtds-1.2.4-dist\jtds-1.2.4.jar --jdbc-url jdbc:jtds:sqlserver:/MYSERVER:53173/mydatabase --user-name sa --user-password mypassword --hibernate-dialect org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect --databaseTables * --savePassword


      Specifying actual tables as well as leaving out the databaseTables command does not help.

      I would really appreciate it, if somebody could help me, the fixes proposed in other threads did not work for me.