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    inputText being initialized by drop down list does not work after validation error (works if required="true")

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      This is for a JSP page using RichFaces 3.3.3/JSF 1.2 running on JBoss 7.1.1, I have attached the JSP files and JAVA bean file as part of the test case. There are two input text components (in TestCaseAddress.jsp) that are being initialized by a drop down list selection. One has required setting as "true" and the other one has required setting as default i.e. "false". This works fine till there is a validation error on the page, if the value of inputText addressAddress1 (with required "true") is cleared out, inputText addressAddress2 is set to "123" and form is submitted then there is a validation error (addressAddress1 value is required). After this validation error if the drop down list selection is changed only inputText addressAddress1 is getting the value based on drop down list, the other inputText addressAddress2 holds old value ("123") and is not getting initialized. Any ideas if this issue can be resolved?


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