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    Can't read system property variable from Arquillian test

    Fabrizio Stellato Newbie

      How to read a property variable from arquillian test?


      I tried configuring either arquillian.xml and maven surefire plugin with the following:




      <container qualifier="jboss" default="true">



      <property name="test.config.file">/d/opt/subz/config/configuration-TEST.properties</property>


































      However, when calling System.getProperty("test.config.file") from Arquillian @Test, it always return null

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          Bartosz Majsak Master

          Don't confuse arquillian properties with system properties. These are two different things. `arquillian.xml` is used to configure its extensions only. If you want to use config property do it regular maven way (or simply by adding -D to your build).


          Another problem which you are facing is that you execute against remote container, which means it's started upfront as a different JVM process. If you are running in-container tests it's looking up system properties available for this JBoss instance. Maybe you should tweak your server configuration and put system property there?