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    Specializing a bean you don't control?

    Laird Nelson Expert

      How do you specialize a bean you don't control? I hope this is a sensible question.


      What I mean is: suppose a colleague hands me a bean archive with a FrobnicatorImpl bean in it (that implements Frobnicator).


      Suppose further I don't want to, or cannot, know anything about FrobnicatorImpl, but I do know what it means to implement Frobnicator. Moreover, Is like to "fully replace" all usages of FrobnicatorImpl with  MyFrobnicator.


      I know that I would make MyFrobnicator an alternative. But I am fuzzy about how to avoid the traps mentioned in the spec around alternatives. Specialization, if I am reading things right, which is designed to avoid the traps, says that MyFrobnicator would have to extend FrobnicatorImpl. But what would I do if extending that class is not an option?


      I know this is a rookie question and so am prepared for Pointers To Elsewhere™. Thanks!