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        What the error messages tell is a wrong naming lookup of the local interface. I am working on the same issue and try to find out the right way to lookup a local EJB on both EJB client and web. I have directly sent an email to Frank for his help. So far, he hasn't response yet after a week.

        I believe that the look up is in the format: ic.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/signon/local/SignOn"). I guess to get it work, a match shall be set up in either jboss.xml or/and ejb-jar.xml file.

        Just share my thought.

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          123456- I do not know if the actual problem is in the lookup- this is because I have tried innumerous permutations of the lookup string :
          eg Object o = ctx.lookup("java:/comp/env/ejb/PageDimensionSessionBean");
          and many others and also in the ejb-xml I have changed the name accordingly- unless I am missing the "magical" combination for local interfaces.- While looking through the server debug logs I have noticed the following:

          The localInterfaceBean although assigned a JNDI name is never bound like the remote beans ([15:17:37,322,JRMPContainerInvoker] JRMP 1.3 CI initialized
          [15:17:37,353,JRMPContainerInvoker] Bound AuditSessionBean to AuditSessionBean
          This is absent for the local bean- as well as the verified statements ([15:17:35,916,ContainerFactory] AuditSessionBean: Verified.)- it is missing.
          Although for deployed statements it is present:

          [15:17:35,978,ContainerFactory] Deploying PageDimensionSessionBean


          [15:17:37,135,JRMPContainerInvoker] JRMP 1.3 CI initialized
          [15:17:37,181,BaseLocalContainerInvoker] Caching methods for localClass: interface com.company.aq.session.PageDimensionSession
          [15:17:37,181,BaseLocalContainerInvoker] Caching methods for localHomeClass: interface com.company.PageDimensionSessionHome
          [15:17:37,213,StatelessSessionContainer] Begin java:comp/env for EJB: PageDimensionSessionBean

          For some reason the local bean is not bound , although is deployed so no lookup will work as far as I can tell (in the JNDI View- it is not in the globalJNDINamespace- although it is in the java:comp namespace)

          So I wonder (again) why the local bean is not being bound causing the lookup failure...
          At least I'm not the only one :)

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