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    Problem with Jgroups when when using Cacheable entities

    Oluwasegun Diyan Newbie



      I have an application running on WIldfly 8.2; the application runs fine and I had no problem...till I had to make use of the @Cacheable feature on some entities which I felt needed caching for performance enhancement.

      The moment I did this to my JPA project (which is a dependency in the main application running on Wildfly), Wildfly starts up with errors which point to an invalid interface


      I need the public interface on as I have a couple of web services which are actively being called from clients outside my own network.


      I've tried using -Djgroups.bind_addr= which I've seen on a couple of other forums including this but on startup I still see ejb and hibernate starting on which I presume means the bind is not working.


      Funny thing is same JPA project is also being used as dependency in a different project running on tomcat and it gives no problems there.

      As a developer who constantly praises Wildfly over every other AS in my workplace I look pretty silly now as I've been on this since yesternight.


      I hope this time I get timely response from this forum. I have posted several times here and it took days, sometimes weeks before I got even 1 response. I think that;s poor!


      Thanks to anyone who helps!