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    Deploy war file to JDV server




      As I'm following a Red Hat tutorial I am unable to deploy a war file using the JBOSS EAP Management Console. I created a .war file succesfully at an earlier stage.

      When adding a deployment (Runtime -> Manage deployments) a window appears 'Create deploment - Deployment selection step 1/2'. After this I:

      - choose the war file I created earlier.

      - click next

      - a window appears with the message that my request is being processed

      - Then I return to the window 'Create deploment - Deployment selection step 1/2'


      I am using the Red Hat Open Lab environment with JBOSS EAP 6.3.1 inside a docker container.

      Further I'm using JBDS with the Teiid Designer to access JDV on EAP.


      Can anybody help?


      Kind Regards,

      Eddy Klomp